Dove Hunter's Hotline

doveThe Dove Hunter's Hotline is designed to provide you with valuable information, such as field conditions and harvest data, on public dove fields managed by the FWC. Information is updated every Thursday. Whether you are a first-timer or experienced user of public lands for hunting, we recommend reviewing the information on this website.

For a complete list of statewide regulations and requirements, please consult the "Migratory Game Bird Regulations" pamphlet available at your local tax collector's office or nearest FWC regional office.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has revised its regulations, please visit this link on dove hunting and baiting External Website.

If you have any questions that this Web site doesn't answer, you can email In case the answer is lengthy or requires explanation, please make sure to leave a daytime telephone number, with area code, where you can be reached.


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