Special Opportunity Dove Fields Update

Update - Special Opportunity Fields

Previous hunt updates will be posted the Monday following a hunt.

Field condition and dove outlook updates will be posted by close of business on the Thursday prior to each hunt. 

There may be a delay during holiday periods.


Dove Field

Harvest report


Field Condition as of Sept. 18

Number of doves as of Sept. 18


Allapattah Flats

  good  good  benne, egyptial wheat, dove proso

Caravelle Ranch



 fair  browntop, Japanese, and pearl millets, Egyptian wheat and Milo; 2 plantings

Frog Pond North

   excellant       fair

 browntop millet, 2 plantings

Hilochee WMA

  good - some hog damage      fair

 dove proso, Japanese  millet, benne

Koon Farm

  excellent         milo, sunflowers, dove proso

North Newberry

  excellent        fair

 dove proso and bowntop millet



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