Hunting on Florida's Military Bases and National Wildlife Refuges

Hunting Florida’s military bases

Three military bases in Florida are open to public hunting. For information on hunting these lands, contact:

  • Eglin Natural Resources,
    Jackson Guard, 107 Hwy. 85
    North, Niceville, FL 32578;
  • Avon Park Air Force Range,
    Hunt Information, 347 RQW, DET1,
    OLA/CEVN, 29 South Blvd., Avon
    Park Air Force Range, FL 33825-5700;
  • Tyndall Air Force Base, Natural Resources Flight,
    325 CES/CEN, 119 Alabama Ave.,
    Tyndall Air Force Base,
    FL 32403; 850-283-2641 or 850-283-2822.

Hunting Florida’s national wildlife refuges (NWR)

Eight national wildlife refuges in Florida  are open to public hunting. These refuges are operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Hunting permits for some of these  areas are issued by the FWC:

FWC Facts:
Armadillos are not native to Florida, but are now common over most of the state. They like forested or semi-open habitats with loose-textured soil that allows them to dig easily.

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