Alternative Mobility Permits (AMP)

Alternative Mobility Permits (AMP)

adaThis permit allows persons who cannot walk, or cannot walk without assistance due to severe and permanent physical disabilities, to drive or be transported by ATV on selected wildlife management areas (WMAs). The AMP also includes the WMA vehicle access allowed through a Special Use Vehicle (SUV) permit. All AMP permit expire on June 30 of each year.

What this permit allows

  1. The named permit holder and one assistant riding in the same vehicle with the permit holder to operate a vehicle in WMAs on roads not open to the public and to drive or be transported by all-terrain vehicle (ATV), as defined below, as long as permit holder and assistant adhere to the permit conditions and those in the Special Use Vehicle WMA Summary and Maps and the Alternative Mobility Permit WMA Summary and Maps.

  2. The permitted SUV  to be operated on established named or numbered roads, service roads, firebreaks or well-defined roads except as provided by the SUV WMA Summary and Maps.
  3. The permitted ATV may be operated off road at a speed of up to 5 mph (walking speed) in accordance with the Alternative Mobility Permit WMA Summary and Maps and permit conditions.

  4. For the purpose of this permit, the definition of an ATV shall be as follows: a motorized vehicle having three or more wheels of less than an 80-inch wheelbase (wheelbase is measured from the center of the forward wheel or hub to the center of the rearmost wheel or hub) primarily designed for the transport of people; or a  motorized tracked vehicle with tracks of less than 50 inches in length that was primarily designed for the transport of a mobility disabled person; be equipped with a spark arrestor type muffler; and not have a two-cycle engine. ATVs as defined in this provision include golf cart style vehicles and other vehicles with bench type seating that meet the above ATV definition or a tracked device like the Action Trackchair.

  5. Not all WMAs allow AMP-permitted ATV access. You must read the Alternative Mobility Permit WMA Summary and Maps to determine which WMAs allow special use access and for area restrictions. The summary is updated annually in July.

What this permit does NOT allow

  1. Access to WMAs when they are closed due to weather or other emergency closures.
  2. Hunting or fishing without the required licenses and permits.
  3. Access to areas designated or posted as closed due to safety, emergency or environmental purposes (e.g. bombing ranges, or roads closed due to flooding, washouts or fire).
  4. Operation of a vehicle or ATV in any wetland or in any manner that destroys vegetation (driving on roads or firebreaks planted as a food plot or driving over trees).
  5. Operating an ATV on named or numbered roads or on established hiking, bicycling or equestrian trails; or at a speed greater than 5 mph (walking speed); or where prohibited in the Alternative Mobility Permit WMA Summary and Maps.
  6. More than one assistant or person in or on the vehicle or ATV with the permit holder.
  7. Vehicles or ATVs of a type not authorized by WMA regulations or the SUV or AMP Management Areas Summary and Maps.
  8. Parking in a manner that obstructs roads, gates or fire lanes.

Requirements and conditions

  1. A statement by a licensed physician, on the FWC-provided Physician Certification Form, that the applicant is permanently disabled in one or more of the following ways:
    1. paraplegic
    2. hemiplegic
    3. quadriplegic
    4. permanently dependent upon a wheelchair for ambulation
    5. permanently required to use braces or prostheses on both legs
    6. complete (above the knee) single-leg amputation

    Statement must be signed by a licensed physician. The required Physician Certification Form for physician signature is provided as a part of this application process.

    Applicants with temporary disabilities are not eligible for AMPs.

  2. The permit holder must access, read and follow the area-specific time periods of use and stipulations found in the Special Use Vehicle WMA Summary and Maps and the Alternative Mobility Permit WMA Summary and Maps for each WMA accessed using this permit. Summaries are updated annually in July.

  3. This permit must be in the physical possession of the permit holder when engaged in the permitted activity and must be presented to any law enforcement officer, FWC personnel, Forest Service personnel or other law enforcement personnel upon request.

  4. The SUV international handicapped symbol hanger provided for printing with this permit must be displayed on the vehicle transporting the permit holder.

  5. The AMP international handicapped symbol hanger provided for printing with this permit must be displayed on the ATV transporting the permit holder.

  6. This permit is valid from approval until the next June 30.

Renewing your permit

Permit holders must reapply annually after July 1. A physician certification does not need to be resubmitted. However, permit holders who have not renewed the permit within the previous three years will be purged from the system and must submit both the application and physician's statement form.


Information you must have available to apply for this permit

  1. Contact and identification information, including a daytime telephone number where you can be reached during normal business hours.
  2. To receive notification of approval or denial of the permit application, applicant must provide an e-mail address. If an e-mail address is not provided the applicant may return to the application Web site periodically to determine if your permit was approved. If approved, the permit holder must print the permit and International handicapped symbol hangers.
  3. A printer and Adobe Reader External Website

How to apply for this permit

  1. Click on the "Apply for an Alternative Mobility (AMP) Permit " button below.
  2. This will take you to a login screen. If you have not applied online for an FWC special permit (SUV, Antlerless Deer, or Deer Dog) before, click on "Register." Enter the requested information and create your username and password.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Enter the requested information.
  5. Summit your application.
  6. Print the required Physician Certification Form.
  7. Take the required Physician Certification Form to your doctor.
  8. Return or scan and upload the signed Physician Certification Form to the FWC.
  9. Your application will be reviewed.
  10. If you supplied an e-mail address you will receive notification of approval or denial of the permit application. If you do not supply an e-mail address you will need to return to the site periodically to determine your status.
  11. If approved, sign on to the application site (by clicking the link below) and print the permit and international handicapped symbol hangers.
  12. Read and sign the permit.

Remember:  Keep your permit with you on WMAs that allow alternative mobility access and display your handicapped hangers on the vehicle and ATV being used to transport you.

NOTE: Permit holders are encouraged to laminate the international handicapped symbol hangers. 

Apply for an Alternative Mobility Permit (AMP) External Website

If you have general questions, need help renewing your permit or check the status of your application call 850-488-3641.
If you need an ADA accommodation to complete this application call 850-488-6411.


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