Commercial Freshwater Fishing Licenses & Permits

Commercial fishing licenses are issued only by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).  Information about commercial saltwater fishing licenses is also available on this site.  Before purchasing a license or permit, please make sure you understand what qualifies as Florida residency and review the Commercial Freshwater Fishing Rules to see what gear, locations and fish types are covered by the license. Note:  Fishing license fees are non-refundable.

Fishing Licenses

Any person who takes freshwater fish or frogs by any lawful method prescribed by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for purpose of sale is required to possess a Commercial Fishing License (resident or nonresident).

Holders of this license may sell to anyone but may not buy fish for the purpose of sale. A valid Resident Commercial Fishing License also allows recreational fishing.

A Commercial Fishing License is required even for use of trotlines of 25 hooks or less when fish are taken for purpose of sale.

Senior citizens are not exempt from purchase of commercial fishing licenses.

No freshwater Commercial Fishing License or Fish Dealer License is required to take or sell live bait, other than freshwater fish or frogs.

All boats engaged in commercial fishing shall have at least one commercial licensee on board.

FCL Resident Commercial Freshwater Fishing License (fish & frogs)icon_PDF.gif... 25.00

FCL-Nonresident Commercial Fishing License icon_PDF.gif.............................. 100.00

Dealers Licenses

It is unlawful for licensed freshwater fish dealers or buyers to purchase freshwater fish or frogs from any unlicensed person.

A Conditional/Prohibited/Nonnative Species Permit is required in addition to these licenses to import certain live freshwater fish.

Resident Freshwater Fish Dealer's Licenses

The Resident Freshwater Fish Dealers License permits a resident to import, export, or sell freshwater fish or frogs, including live bait.

RFD-Resident Freshwater Fish & Frog Dealer's License icon_PDF.gif.................. 40.00

Nonresident Freshwater Fish Dealer's Licenses:

Retail Dealers

The holder of a Nonresident Retail Fish Dealer License may buy freshwater fish from persons properly licensed to sell freshwater fish and may sell freshwater fish, including live bait, directly to a consumer.  Nonresident license allows retails sales only--additional licenses required for wholesale dealers.

FRD - Nonresident Retail Fish or Frog Dealer's License icon_PDF.gif................. 100.00

Wholesale Dealers

The holder of a Nonresident Wholesale Fish Dealer License may buy freshwater fish for resale from persons properly licensed to sell freshwater fish and may sell fish within the state.

FWD - Nonresident Wholesale Freshwater Fish Dealer's License icon_PDF.gif...... 500.00

The Nonresident Wholesale Fish Buyer License permits a nonresident, who does not sell freshwater fish or frogs in Florida, to buy freshwater fish or frogs from resident freshwater fish dealers for resale outside the state.

FWB - Nonresident Wholesale Fish Buyer's License icon_PDF.gif....................... 50.00

Aquaculture products:

Freshwater fish or frog farmers possessing an Aquaculture Certificate of Registration for fish and frogs, pursuant to s. 597.004, Florida Statutes, and selling their cultured freshwater fish or frogs or purchasing cultured freshwater fish or frogs from other certified aquaculturists do not have to possess a FWC freshwater fish and frog dealers license. Non-farmers selling cultured, imported or wild freshwater fish or frogs must have a FWC freshwater fish and frog dealers license.

Note:  The aquaculture certificate will not cover harvest from the wild.

Other Licenses & Permits:

Haul Seine Gear License

Private Fish Pond License

American Eel Permit

Conditonal/Prohibited/Nonnative Species Permit

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