How to Print Your Permit

Printing your permits: 

Your existing non-transferrable quota permits can easily be printed directly from your new RLIS customer account web page.


  1. Sign in to the online license system External Website
  2. Scroll down to “Awarded Permits”,
  3. Select “Print” to print the quota permit and guest permits. 

Guest permits

The Guest permit is attached as the second page of the permit. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I got an error when I tried to open the PDF file, how do I get my permit?

A. No worries! The PDF is saved to your customer account and available to be printed every time you open your account. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. If you are successful in a drawing and you have provided a valid, non-blocked, email address, your quota permit will also be emailed to you as well as posted to your record online. 

Q. How do I return a self-printed quota permit for re-issuance?

Quota permits may be returned beginning in Phase III. Permits cannot be returned before Phase III begins. Open your account in the licensing system External Website. Find in your account the quota permit you wish to return in “awarded permits” and click on the “Return” button beside the hunt. You will then see a validation page describing the hunt and asking you if this is the permit you wish to return. Please check this page closely. Once you select the hunt and agree that this is the one you want to return, it cannot be undone. If you accidently select the wrong hunt, it cannot be corrected by FWC. If there is no “Return” button beside the hunt, the 10 day deadline before the hunt begins has passed and the quota permit cannot be returned, or Phase III has not yet started.


Q. I don’t have a working printer. How can I get a copy of my permit?

A. No problem. If successful in the Phase I or Phase II random drawings, you can print your permit online External Website at no cost or at a license agent or tax collector office for $2.50 or $2.00 respectively. Permits issued in Phase I or Phase II will be available in the system for printing online, by a license agent or tax collector until the last day of the hunt. In Phase III (First-Come, First-Served Leftovers) you are immediately awarded your permit, and the license agent or tax collector will immediately print your permit one time for no cost. If applying online in Phase III, you can immediately print your permit. The permit will remain available online until the last day of your hunt.

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