Recreational Hunting & Fishing Licenses & Permits

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Recreational Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Recreational licenses and permits for residents and nonresidents are available at; at retail agents, such as sporting goods stores or other retailers that sell hunting or fishing equipment; by phone; and at county tax collectors' offices. All license, permit and issuance fees are subject to change by the legislature.

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Note: License and permit fees are nonrefundable.

Licenses, fees and how to order
Hunting license
Alligator Hunts
Saltwater fishing
Freshwater fishing
Limited Entry/Quota Permit
Wildlife Management Area Permit 
Lifetime Licenses
Resident Persons with Disabilities Hunting and Fishing License ada


 Applicant information and FAQs
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Lost or stolen license -- Can I get a copy of my license or permit?
Am I considered a Florida resident?
Do I need a freshwater or saltwater license?
Do I need a saltwater fishing license to fish from shore?
Free Fishing Days 
How long is my license good?
Can I sell my catch?
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Other licenses and permits (including application forms)
Aquatic plants
Public land use and paddling trail camping

*Commercial regulations related to hunting (taking furbearers) and fishing are also available.

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