Wildlife Licenses & Permits

Airport Safety
Wildlife Risks to Human Safety | Rule Summary | Airport Wildlife Incident Report Form

Statewide Hunt| Private Lands | Statewide Nuisance Alligator | Farming

Captive Wildlife
Class I, II, & II | Venomous Reptiles | Possession | Exhibition | Sale | Transport

Conditional, Prohibited, and Nonnative Species
Exotics| Nonnative Reptiles | Pythons | Import | Export | Collection | Aquaria | Tortoises

Freshwater Turtles
Rules for taking and possessing freshwater and box turtles and possession permit application.  Commercial harvest prohibited.

Fur and Hide Dealers
License is required to deal in or buy green or dried furs in the state and purchase such skins within the state.

Gopher Tortoises
Relocation | Conservation | Temporary Exclusion | Enforcement Policy | Permitting Contacts | Authorized Agents | Recipient Sites

Sportsmen | Wildlife Management Area Permit | Deer | Archery | Muzzeloading | Turkey | Waterfowl| Crossbow | Migratory Birds | Furbearers

Marine Turtles
Beach Nesting Surveys | Captivity | Research | Sea Turtles | Stranding and Salvage | Tagging

Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Information and license requirements for controlling nuisance wildlife and non-listed species.

Protected & Imperiled Wildlife
Construction and Development | Florida Burrowing Owl | Gopher Tortoises | Bird-banding | Scientific Research

Taxidermy Laws
Laws for Taxidermists | Mounting Wildlife | Skins and Hides | Teeth | Feathers | Salvage

FWC Facts:
Light availability is the most important factor determining seagrass growth. The depth that seagrasses are found underwater depends on water clarity.

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