Conditional Nonnative Aquatic Species

Who needs a permit?

A Conditional/Prohibited/Nonnative Species Permit is needed for:

  • Importation of conditional nonnative species for transshipment or commercial use. Conditional species may be transferred or sold to people who possess a license to import or possess that particular species, or to people who hold a valid Aquaculture Certificate that have the restricted species authorization for that particular species.
  • Holders of a valid Aquaculture Certificate need the proper restricted species authorization from the Division of Aquaculture, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to import conditional species.  They do not need a permit from FWC.
  • Possession of conditional or prohibited species. Conditional and prohibited species may be possessed for research or public exhibition, and may not be possessed as personal pets.

Commercial fish dealers licenses are required by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). It is unlawful for licensed freshwater fish dealers or buyers to purchase freshwater fish or frogs from any unlicensed person.  The sale of freshwater turtles taken from the wild is prohibited.

How can I get an application?

The Conditional/Prohibited/Nonnative Species Permit Application is available on the website.


Non-native Permits
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FWC Facts:
The North American Amphibian Monitoring Program is an international effort of the U.S. Geological Survey to track changes in frog populations over time.

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