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Lake Josephine disposal islands to be removed

News Release

Monday, April 19, 2010

Media contact: Beacham Furse or Steve Gornak, 863-462-5190

Efforts to remove two disposal islands in Lake Josephine, created during a 2006 fish and wildlife habitat-enhancement project, should begin later this week. The undertaking is part of an ongoing habitat-improvement program conducted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) on the 1,236-acre Highlands County lake.

"Removal of the islands will restore valuable wetland habitat, providing foraging for wading birds and waterfowl, and spawning and nursery areas for many species of freshwater fish," said Beacham Furse, project administrator for the FWC.

The islands are just north of Oak Beach Boulevard in the lake's western basin.  A contractor will transport the disposal material that makes up the islands to an upland site on the northern side of the lake on Skipper Road.  The contractor, Glades Environment Inc. of Lake Placid, has 60 days to complete the project.

Boaters are urged to use caution and reduce their wake near heavy equipment and floating barges that will be removing the disposal material.

Steve Gornak, the FWC's aquatic habitat project manager for Lake Josephine, will be monitoring the contractor's progress.  Questions about the project should be directed to Steve Gornak or Beacham Furse at 863-462-5190.

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