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Boca Grande Pass fishing rules take effect April 1

News Release

Thursday, March 25, 2010

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reminds anglers that rules regulating the use of fishing gear in Boca Grande Pass for the next three months take effect April 1.  These rules apply each year during the height of the popular tarpon fishing season in the pass.

The rules prohibit the deployment of more than three fishing lines from a vessel at any time and prohibit the use of breakaway gear to harvest any fish in the pass during April, May and June.  Breakaway gear is "any bob, float, weight, lure or spoon that is affixed to a fishing line or hook with wire, line, rubber bands, plastic ties or other fasteners designed to break off when a fish is caught."

The FWC encourages anglers to use and develop rigging techniques that reduce the likelihood of debris collecting on the bottom of the pass.  The agency also asks anglers to respect others fishing in the pass and to operate their boats safely.

For more information regarding tarpon fishing regulations, use of appropriate tackle and proper fishing and boating behavior in Boca Grande Pass, go to, click on "Saltwater."

FWC Facts:
The organism that causes red tide in Florida, Karenia brevis, owes its name to a state researcher of harmful algal blooms, Dr. Karen Steidinger.

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