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Louise Ireland Humphrey’s legacy will live on at FWC

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Louise Ireland Humphrey was much more than the first woman appointed Commissioner for the FWC. Besides serving from 1984 to '99, she served as Chairman twice, in 1991 and '96.

Each spring, the Wildlife Foundation of Florida honors her vision and efforts when it bestows an award named after her on an FWC employee whose dedication and service have made outstanding contributions to conservation of Florida's fish and wildlife. The first one was awarded in 1999 and the 13th one will be announced at the May Commission meeting. In addition to her work on the Commission, Humphrey was an active participant in conservation efforts throughout the Southeast, working with Tall Timbers Research Station to help protect 150,000 acres of rural land on the Georgia-Florida border.

Humphrey grew up hunting and fishing, and by the time she was on the FWC Commission, her focus and the state agency’s had embraced land management as a vital part of managing and protecting wildlife for generations to come.

Humphrey died at her home in northeastern Leon County on March 18 but the memory of her will live on through the Louise Ireland Humphrey Award.

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