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Becoming commercial fishermen to get easier for Florida vets

November 09, 2012 

Licensing requirements for Florida veterans, veterans w/disabilities will be relaxed. 

FWC busts up Baker County poachers’ ring

November 09, 2012 

In total, 6 people face more than 30 charges. 

Weekend closures begin Nov. 17 for Apalachicola Bay commercial oyster harvesters

November 07, 2012 

Action helps oysters recover from depletion caused by drought, lack of fresh water. 

Hydrilla treatment set for Osceola Co. lakes

November 07, 2012 

Weather permitting, portions of Cypress, Hatchineha, Toho, Kissimmee, Jackson will be treated. 

12 officers graduate from short FWC academy

November 05, 2012 

Already certified in law enforcement, they completed 8-week program focusing on unique skills, knowledge to be FWC officers. 

Eagle, Lang lakes’ boat ramps reopened

November 02, 2012 

Access had been closed since May 1 to accommodate culvert repairs. 

The ‘if only,’ ‘got one’ and future of TrophyCatch

November 02, 2012 

3 stories from the FWC's new angler-recognition program. 

Parole denied for man convicted of 1974 slaying of wildlife officer

November 02, 2012 

Officer Dan Crowder was shot and killed in Lafayette Co. while attempting to arrest Colon Russell for hunting deer out of season. 

Hunter safety course in Broward Co.

November 02, 2012 

Nov. 10 at Markham Park Shooting Range. 

Young panthers rescued, returned to pen in Yulee

November 01, 2012 

The 2 panthers had not strayed far from their damaged enclosure. 

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