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Suwannee Lake FMA closing for renovation

News Release

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Media contact: Karen Parker, 386-758-0525

The Suwannee Lake Fish Management Area (FMA) closes for renovations Oct. 1 and will remain closed until June 30, 2014, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials.

Suwannee Lake, near Live Oak in Suwannee County, is a 63-acre lake that was constructed by the FWC in 1967.

A drawdown of the lake level is well underway and boat access is extremely limited. Bag limits and size limits on the lake were temporarily suspended in June, allowing anglers to keep any fish they catch until the area is closed.

“Until the lake closes, Suwannee Lake FMA anglers can keep all the fish they catch as long as these fish are caught by hook and line, hand or dip net,” said Dan Dorosheff, FWC freshwater fisheries biologist.

Anglers, unless exempt by law, will still need a freshwater fishing license to take or attempt to take fish.

The lake will be drained and organic material from the lake bottom, and woody vegetation along the shoreline will be removed. Some areas of the lake will be deepened, and enhancements such as shallow submerged islands, brush piles and larger bank-fishing access points will be created.

“This will improve the fishery as well as shoreline bank-fishing access for our anglers,” Dorosheff said. “After the renovations are completed, the lake will be restocked with native Florida sportfish, and beneficial native vegetation will be planted.”

For more information about this project, contact the FWC’s North Central Region office at 386-758-0525.

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