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Fishing association honors FWC officer

News Release

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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The Florida Guides Association on June 18 honored an officer of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) for his conservation efforts.

Capt. Pat Kelly, Florida Guides Association president, presented FWC Officer Craig Baker with the “Trained Eyes Coastwatchers” Officer of the Year award at the FWC Commission meeting in Fort Myers.

Baker, who has served with the FWC for five years and is stationed in Tampa, was chosen for his exemplary actions and attitude.

“Officer Baker consistently makes difficult resource cases,” said Lt. Jon Dobbs, his supervisor. “He targets those intentionally making serious violations, which protects Florida’s valuable natural resources and supports law-abiding recreational and commercial fishermen.”

His notable casework included a year-long investigation to identify a suspect in a commercial dumping case and catching two people who were robbing crab traps, which is a felony.

In addition to contributing to the health and safety of the environment in his area, Baker rescued four people in 2013.

“The rescues included three servicemen whose canoe capsized in Tampa Bay and a gentleman attempting to jump from the Howard Frankland Bridge,” Dobbs said.


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