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Check the box; do something nice for manatees, sea turtles

July 01, 2015 

When you check the box, you are donating $5 to the funds supporting conservation of these popular Florida wildlife species. You will receive one or both of the new Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) decals featuring manatees and sea turtles, depending on how many boxes you check. They are available as of July 1. 

FWC urges the public to steer clear of nesting sea turtles this holiday weekend

July 01, 2015 

The FWC is urging the public to be aware of nesting sea turtles while they celebrate this holiday weekend. FWC law enforcement officers on patrol this weekend will explain the unintended consequences that can occur when nesting turtles are disturbed by beachgoers.  

Sea turtle nests, skimmer chicks destroyed; FWC seeks information

June 30, 2015 

The FWC is seeking information about the identity of a man and woman responsible for knowingly driving an all-terrain vehicle through marked-off sea turtle and shorebird nesting areas – destroying five sea turtle nests and killing two black skimmer chicks. 

Personal fireworks don’t mix with nesting shorebirds

June 30, 2015 

The FWC asks the public to help protect beach-nesting shorebirds across the state by giving them space and keeping personal fireworks off the beach. Shorebirds are nesting on beaches along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of Florida, with many still watching over flightless chicks during the busy Independence Day weekend.  

FWC bear management coordinator receives employee of the year award

June 25, 2015 

David Telesco, FWC bear management program coordinator has received the Chairman Rodney Barreto Employee of the Year Award for his outstanding leadership when dealing with a succession of bear attacks and initiating additional efforts to prevent such attacks. FWC Commissioners presented Telesco with the award at their meeting June 25 in Sarasota. 

FWC approves comprehensive bear management rules

June 24, 2015 

FWC Commissioners approved several bear-related rules that address a wide variety of tools to manage bears. 

Plan to conserve dozens of imperiled species updated

June 24, 2015 

Florida’s Imperiled Species Management Plan, a combination of species-specific actions and broader conservation strategies, is being updated to reflect both new scientific knowledge and significant input from the public. 

FWC approves new manatee zones for western Pinellas

June 24, 2015 

To develop the proposed manatee zones, the FWC worked closely with Pinellas County, local municipalities, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and a local rule review committee. The measures will provide important protection for manatees while having limited impacts on local businesses and boaters. 

FWC discusses strategic priorities for panther conservation

June 23, 2015 

The draft paper presented at the meeting calls for focusing strong conservation efforts on the panther’s core range in south Florida, effective ways to address human-panther conflicts, and building support among private landowners whose properties provide essential panther habitat. 

Important facts you need to know about black bear conservation in Florida

June 22, 2015 

Numerous recent articles and editorials have addressed the FWC's bear management program. Much of the writing has focused on the proposal to reinstate limited bear hunting in Florida. FWC staff and Commissioners welcome and respect the diversity of opinions, questions and input regarding this proposal, but some of the writing has including false or misleading information. I offer this document to provide a factual perspective on FWC's comprehensive approach to bear management and the proposed bear hunting season. 

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