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Gray triggerfish size limit to increase in Atlantic state waters effective July 9

July 02, 2015 

An increase of the minimum size limit of gray triggerfish in Atlantic state waters will take effect beginning July 9. 

Bass management is evolving

July 01, 2015 

Bass anglers may wonder why the Sunshine State supports some of the best bass fishing in the world. Harvest management through fishing rules and regulations play a role, and the FWC is currently considering sweeping changes to streamline bass regulations and make them more effective. 

FWC Marine Fisheries wants to hear from you at summer workshop series

June 30, 2015 

Whether you are a seafood aficionado who wants priority placed on getting fish to the dinner plate, a recreational fisher who prefers to catch and release or a commercial fisher whose catch is destined for restaurants and homes around the state and beyond, the FWC wants to know what marine fisheries issues concerned you. This is your chance to let the FWC know what it is doing right, where you see opportunities for improvement, and what you think should be the state’s top priorities for marine fisheries management. 

Orange Lake Habitat Management Plan needs stakeholder involvement, input

June 30, 2015 

Residents, business owners and everyone who has concerns or interest in the Orange Lake Habitat Management Plan Stakeholder Process are welcome and encouraged to attend the July 14 meeting from 6 to 9 p.m. at Grand Lake RV and Golf Resort. 

Learn a hobby at free Women’s Fishing Clinic in Panama City Beach

June 29, 2015 

Participants will not only take home a lifelong hobby, they will leave with a new appreciation for the marine environment. They will learn the basics of environmental stewardship, fishing ethics, angling skills, safety and the vulnerability of Florida’s marine ecosystems in a fun, laid-back atmosphere. 

Take 10 lionfish, get an extra lobster during sport season and possibly take home a T-shirt

June 25, 2015 

The FWC has approved a new and exciting opportunity that will encourage divers to remove invasive lionfish by allowing them to take one extra spiny lobster each day during the two-day sport season this summer (July 29-30) that they also harvest 10 lionfish. 

Commission moves forward with considering innovative bass regulations

June 25, 2015 

The FWC favorably reviewed draft rules that could ultimately change statewide length limits for black bass species, including eliminating many specific rules for different water bodies. The intent of the proposal is to simplify rules; allow anglers to keep smaller, more abundant largemouth bass; and increase abundance of larger bass in lakes and rivers across the state. 

Public requests for barracuda conservation measures in south Florida receive initial approval by FWC

June 25, 2015 

The FWC gave initial approval to several barracuda conservation measures after hearing concerns from various south Florida stakeholder groups about potential declines in barracuda populations. These proposed changes will come back before the Commission at its September meeting in Weston for final approval. 

Fishing association honors 2 FWC employees

June 25, 2015 

Capt. Pat Kelly, Florida Guides Association president, presented FWC Officer Ken Thompson with the “Trained Eyes Coastwatchers” Officer of the Year award. Dr. Luiz Barbieri with the FWC’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, received the Capt. Phil Chapman Conservation Award.  

Gulf of Mexico greater amberjack size limit change approved by FWC

June 24, 2015 

The FWC approved changing the minimum size limit for greater amberjack caught in Gulf of Mexico state waters from 30 inches fork length to 34 inches fork length. This change will make state-water regulations in the Gulf consistent with pending federal regulation changes and will go into effect after federal regulations are approved.  

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