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Lionfish and king mackerel among marine topics discussed by FWC

April 20, 2017 

At its April meeting in Tallahassee, the FWC discussed exciting new lionfish removal incentive opportunities and also approved management changes to the king mackerel fishery. 

Warren Bayou in Bay County soon to be open year-round

April 19, 2017 

The FWC has approved a measure that will allow fishing year-round in Warren Bayou, its tributaries, and within 100 yards of the mouth of the bayou.  

Statement regarding bear management

April 19, 2017 

As shown by today’s staff presentation on population, habitat, human-bear conflict and outreach, we have a long-standing, proactive approach to bear management and will continue to build on that existing foundation. 

New summer day camps hosted at Suncoast Youth Conservation Center

April 17, 2017 

Registration is now open for the Suncoast Youth Conservation Center’s new summer day camps, which are a fun way for kids to learn about saltwater fishing and kayaking.  

Help keep nesting waterbirds safe: Give them space

April 13, 2017 

People can help keep nesting waterbirds safe by keeping their distance from them and Critical Wildlife Areas. 

16.75-pound bass takes lead for TrophyCatch Season 5

April 13, 2017 

The FWC TrophyCatch program announces its new Season 5 heaviest catch leader – Dominic Montalto with a 16-pound, 12-ounce largemouth bass caught in a private pond in Estero. 

FWC provides tips for living with alligators

April 12, 2017 

During spring when temperatures rise, alligators become more active. Although alligator incidents are rare, the FWC recommends taking precautions when having fun in and around the water.  

FWC, partners relocating Florida scrub-jays to increase populations

April 12, 2017 

The goal is to relocate – or “translocate” – birds from a stable population in the Ocala National Forest to areas of restored scrub habitat not yet discovered by Florida scrub-jays.  

FWC to meet April 19-20 near Tallahassee

April 11, 2017 

The FWC will meet April 19-20 at the Florida Public Safety Institute, 85 Academy Drive, Havana. The Institute is west of Midway on U.S. 90. Both sessions are open to the public and begin at 8:30 a.m. 

Be bat aware: Maternity season starts April 16

April 11, 2017 

Florida’s four-month bat maternity season starts April 16 and lasts through Aug. 14. The FWC reminds the public they cannot do exclusions to remove bats from buildings during this time when bats are giving birth and raising their young.  

Showing 31 through 40 of 718 articles in the Headlines categoryPrevious  /  Next

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