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Take a walk in the woods

April 09, 2013 

'Welcome to the Woods,' Saturday, May 4 at Seminole Forest WMA in Lake Co. 

Nesting shorebirds protected at Estero Critical Wildlife Area

April 03, 2013 

Public’s sense of stewardship is key to protecting beach-nesting wildlife. 

Florida Scrub-Jay Festival comes to Martin Co.

February 26, 2013 

Saturday, March 2 at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. 

New signs for birding, wildlife viewing trail something to sing about

December 19, 2012 

Signs lead to 113 new trail sites in 11 south Florida counties. 

The ferocious ant lion is an ant bully

November 27, 2012 

Neither an ant nor a lion, its name has everything to do with its favorite meal: ants! 

Corbett WMA entrance reopens

October 12, 2012 

South entrance had been temporarily rerouted since early September. 

Abundant life is just beyond your porch

October 02, 2012 

The backyard is an oasis of life. How many critters can you find? 

Officials: "Never feed dolphins"

September 07, 2012 

Dolphins are large, powerful creatures with sharp teeth. 

FWC workshop teaches women outdoor skills

August 01, 2012 

Oct. 19-21 near West Palm Beach. 

Our nation’s symbol soars in Florida

July 03, 2012 

Florida among top spots in lower 48 states for bald eagles to nest, raise their young. 

Showing 31 through 40 of 52 articles in the Viewing categoryPrevious  /  Next

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