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Red Tide Current Status

FWC reports on the current status of Karenia brevis blooms using tables, static maps, and interactive Google Earth maps. Archived status maps can be found in our Flickr gallery.

Submit a Fish Kill Report

Submit a report of a fish kill online, or call the Fish Kill Hotline: 800-636-0511.

Red Tide-Related Hotlines and Information Sources

Report a fish kill or other wildlife effects, consult health authorities about human exposure, or locate other resources.

Stone Crab Catch Data

This summary highlights fishery-independent sampling program catch data collected at eight sampling locations.

Florida Manatee Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release Reimbursement Program

The Florida Manatee Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release Reimbursement Program provides funds for permitted facilities that rescue, rehabilitate and release and monitor Florida manatees.

Index Nesting Beach Survey Totals (1989-2018)

The Florida Index Nesting Beach Survey (INBS) records sea turtle nest counts on a standardized set of index beaches. Researchers use the annual survey to determine nesting trends. 

FWC Facts:
Signs on the Suwannee River warn of jumping Gulf sturgeon which, at up to 8 feet and 200 pounds, have been known to injure boaters.

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