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Capturing Catch-and-Release Numbers
Researchers collect detailed information on caught-and-released reef fish and evaluate survival under various conditions.

Red Tide Current Status

This summary report of current red tide conditions around Florida includes a map of sampling results and regional status reports.

The Horseshoe Crab Fishery in Florida
In Florida, most horseshoe crabs are collected live for use in aquaria and research.

New Publications
These recent publications are new to our collections.

Tropical Storm Debby Creates Surge in Florida Manatee Strandings
Biologists respond to manatees trapped after heavy rainfall and flooding associated with June 2012 tropical storm.

Implementing the Dry Tortugas National Park Research Natural Area Science Plan: The 5-Year Report
The report summarizes research findings on how fish and other natural resources respond to the protection provided by the Research Natural Area.

FWC Facts:
The Gulf sturgeon spawns 140 miles upstream from the mouth of the Suwannee River, one of the last pristine rivers with no dams to bar its path.

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