Fish and Wildlife Research Institute



The FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute seeks to fill positions with caring, qualified individuals who want to make a contribution to the goal of protecting, conserving, and managing Florida's fish and wildlife resources.

Internships and Volunteers

FWRI offers both internship and limited volunteer opportunities. FWRI interns are college-level students or post-graduates who spend a semester working with a mentor to obtain career guidance and experience. FWRI volunteers provide general assistance to FWRI for a variable period of time.

Staff Spotlight

Have you ever wanted to interview a scientist without quite knowing where to start? Have you ever wanted to find out about the schooling and experience that a researcher has? Now you can!

Employment with FWRI

The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute recruits primarily scientists and science technicians.  Business services and facility maintenance also require the expertise of qualified management, administrative, public information, clerical and maintenance staff.

FWC Facts:
Did you know tiny little mosquitofish are put into drainage ditches and ponds to eat mosquito larvae?

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