Fish and Wildlife Research Institute


FWRI Science Programs

As the research division within FWC, the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute operates programs statewide that focus on obtaining the wide-ranging data and information needed by fish, wildlife, and ecosystem resource managers.

Programs of the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

Each year, the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute produces a summary of its programs. This document is made available as a downloadable PDF.

Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration

The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute's habitat and ecosystem research provides the foundation for developing ecologically and environmentally sound restoration and enhancement practices, materials, and recommendations.

Freshwater Fisheries Research

Freshwater fisheries biologists provide analyses of freshwater fish and invertebrate species in Florida lakes, fish management areas, rivers, and streams.

Information Science and Management

Information Science and Management researchers provide the technological expertise to support the broad approach necessary to address Florida's complex fish-, wildlife-, and habitat-related issues.

Marine Fisheries Research

The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute's marine fisheries research efforts focus on Florida's recreational and commercial marine fisheries species.

Office of the Director

The Director of FWRI surpervises the major scientific sections, the Research Operations section, and the Outreach Coordination Office.

Wildlife Research

Wildlife researchers work throughout the state to collect and provide information related to the population status and threats, habitat requirements, life history, and recovery needs of upland, aquatic, and marine species.

FWC Facts:
Freshwater catfish have many external taste buds on their barbels, so they use their sense of taste more than their sight to find prey.

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