Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

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The Outreach Coordination Office provides the public, news media, and others with information about FWRI's fish and wildlife research. We ensure that the highly technical information generated by institute scientists is presented in a format that is appropriate to individual requestor's needs.

Annual Report

Each year, the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute produces a summary of its programs. New this year, the annual report has been reformatted to its own website.

Research Spotlight

Journey into the field with our researchers and learn about some of FWRI's current research projects.

Surveys and Additional Information

Participate in research at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) by taking one of our online surveys. Learn more about FWRI's science programs and other important information.

FWC Facts:
Bottlenose dolphins live in family groups called pods. A group of dolphin pods is called a herd.

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