Fish and Wildlife Research Institute


Fisheries Resources

What do freshwater fisheries researchers need to get the job done? This section provides an inside look at the resources they use to conserve Florida’s freshwater resources.


FWRI freshwater fisheries biologists utilize various methods to conduct their research, including lab techniques, data analyses and standardized sampling practices.


FWC provides the public with information on issues related to freshwater fisheries management, including current fishing regulations, reports and publications, and fishing guides for popular freshwater fishing locations.

Exotic Fishes

Florida’s subtropical climate is welcoming to many species of exotic fish. FWRI researchers not only study these fish’s impact on native species, but also the impact anglers have targeting them.

FWC Facts:
White and brown shrimp depend on estuaries as nursery habitats, leaving when they reach 4-5 inches in length. This “shrimp run” occurs in late summer or early fall.

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