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Alligator Gar

Only found dwelling west of the Apalachicola River, alligator gar are one of the most mysterious fish in Florida. Learn more about this species and ongoing alligator gar research throughout Florida's Panhandle.

Alligator Gar Species Profile

In Florida, the largest member of the gar family is only known to inhabit coastal rivers in the Panhandle from Gulf County to Escambia County.

On a Quest for a Freshwater Giant: Alligator Gar

A tagging study reveals a few secrets of Atractosteus spatula, but the bigger mystery is yet to be solved: how many of its kind populate Florida rivers?

Protecting Florida’s Alligator Gar

Recognizing the important role that alligator gar play in river ecosystems, the FWC strengthened protection for this species.

Tracking Alligator Gar on the Escambia River: A Photo Set on Flickr

A population estimate of alligator gar in the Escambia River.

Alligator Gar Research on the Yellow River: A YouTube Video

Biologists are locating, tagging and tracking alligator gar on the Yellow River in northwest Florida.

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