The 3-D Bathymetric Model of Boca Grande Pass

In 2003, FWRI created a detailed model of Boca Grande Pass. Users can view a map of the pass in 2-D and 3-D. FWRI also produced a movie that allows viewers to "fly" around the pass and a 3-D model that allows users to interact with the model.

In support of the tarpon hook-and-release study and a request by the St. Petersburg Times, scientists from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) created a map of Boca Grande Pass in May of 2003. Using new and sophisticated software, researchers created a detailed picture of Boca Grande Pass based on water depth points collected by FWRI scientists and NOAA. Anglers, scientists, and the public can see the pass in a traditional map format, and they can also view a map that gives the impression of looking at the pass in 3-D.

Learn About the Tarpon Hook-and-Release Study in Boca Grande Pass

2-D map

3-D map

In addition to standard maps, researchers have produced a short movie that allows the viewer to "fly" in and around Boca Grande Pass. This gives the audience a different perspective than the view available on the flat maps. The shape of the pass is given more meaning than just simple numbers printed on a map.

High-bandwidth users (cable, DSL, T1), View the Movie (41.1 MB)

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Note: The water depths represented on the maps and movie have been exaggerated for visual purposes only. 16 feet of depth equals one foot in real life. Vertical exaggeration like this is used to overcome the difficulty of showing small elevation changes over large areas. In the case of Boca Grande Pass, if viewed at this scale without any exaggeration, the large hole south of the Boca Grande lighthouse would not be easy to see.

The file size for the fly-through movie is quite large: movie (41.1 MB). If you are using a cable-modem, DSL, or other high-bandwidth Internet connection, please be patient. If you are not using a high-bandwidth connection to the Web, we suggest downloading the movie or model to your hard drive and accessing the files there.

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