Fish and Wildlife Research Institute


Biogeographic Characterization and Assessment

The Center for Spatial Analysis employs specialists from marine, freshwater, and terrestrial arenas to develop spatially explicit models identifying Florida's priority lands and waters for conservation of biodiversity. A variety of tools and methods are employed that result in a diverse line of products and services.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Water Quality

This project consists of three long-term monitoring projects, as well as to obtain information about the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the Water Quality Protection Program.

Habitat Suitability Modeling in Florida Estuaries

Scientists at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) have been developing habitat suitability models that predict spatial distributions and relative abundance of fish and invertebrate species in Florida estuaries.

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Pacu are often confused for piranha and can be differentiated by their flat teeth, which are designed for grinding nuts and berries.

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