Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

Wetlands fieldwork

Coastal Habitat Projects

To successfully protect Florida's coastal wetlands, FWRI staff work on many different projects to assess and understand these habitats.

Coastal Habitats Independent Mapping and Monitoring Program (CHIMMP)

This project will complete a data gap analysis for mangrove and salt marsh habitats and begin to compile all existing mapping and monitoring data sets for mangrove and salt marsh habitats within Florida.

Mangrove Forests' Response to Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change

This study investigates modern and historical rates of organic carbon burial and peat accretion in order to understand how mangrove ecosystems might adapt to future sea-level rise (SLR) and climate change.

Which Tidal Creeks Make the Best Snook Habitats?

This study seeks to determine which local and landscape-level habitat features typify the most productive tributaries for common snook in Tampa Bay.

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