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Seagrass Information

This section contains articles providing general information about seagrasses, such as a glossary of terms, additional links, seagrass biology and ecology, and answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Learn About Seagrasses

Learn about Florida's seagrasses and the threats they face. This article also provides numerous links to additional seagrass information.

Importance of Seagrass

Seagrasses are a vital part of the marine ecosystem. This article describes some of the most important reasons.

Help Protect Seagrasses

While seagrasses can be damaged by random and unpredictable natural phenomena, following several simple steps can prevent the damage caused by humans.

Seagrass Versus Seaweed

There are important distinctions between seagrasses and seaweed.

Seagrass and Land Plants

This article gives a brief description of the structural similaries and differences between seagrasses and vascular plants found on land.

Glossary of Aquatic Vegetation Terms

Do you need a definition? Try our glossary of aquatic vegetation-related terms.

Online Resources

Links to seagrass-related Web sites.

Seagrass FAQ

Do you have questions about seagrasses? Read this seagrass FAQ for answers.


View photos and drawings of the species of seagrasses found in Florida.

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