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Manatee Mortality Statistics

Since 1974, biologists have collected mortality statistics for Florida manatees. Researchers have determined both the number of manatee deaths in each Florida county and the probable cause of death for each carcass. Analysis of these data allows tracking of changes and trends in mortality throughout the years.

2017 Manatee Mortalities

View the preliminary manatee mortality report and monthly manatee mortality data for 2017.

Yearly Mortality Summaries

View 1974 to 2015 yearly summaries of manatee deaths for the state of Florida.

Manatee Mortality Search

This summary database of individual manatee mortality allows users to search for information by county, cause of death, and date.

Descriptions of Manatee Death Categories

Manatee deaths are broken down into eight categories based on gross, histological, and microbiological findings.

Red Tide Manatee Mortalities

View 1996 to 2017 yearly summaries of red tide-related manatee deaths for the state of Florida.

Cold-Related Mortality Event Winter 2009-2010

View the summary of the winter 2009-2010 cold-related unusual mortality event.

This article provides an overview of manatee deaths during the winter of 2008-2009.