Manatee Rescue Statistics

FWC biologists work with various agencies to rescue injured manatees.

manatee on boat

Staff at the Marine Mammal Pathobiology Lab (MMPL) and field laboratories are responsible for responding to calls regarding injured manatees. A network of personnel from various agencies and organizations work with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) biologists to rescue and transport manatees to rehabilitation facilities. The rescue program is increasing biologists' capacity to successfully identify and capture injured and sick manatees by using telemetry equipment, acquiring additional rescue vessels, and implementing a larger network of first responders and verifiers.

What to Do When You See a Sick or Injured Manatee

2018 Preliminary Rescue Table (includes red tide)Adobe PDF

      *2018 Preliminary Red Tide Rescue Table Adobe PDF

2017 Preliminary Rescue Table Adobe PDF

2016 Preliminary Rescue TableAdobe PDF

2015 Preliminary Rescue Table Adobe PDF

2014 Rescue Table Adobe PDF

2013 Rescue Table Adobe PDF

2012 Rescue Table Adobe PDF

2011 Rescue Table Adobe PDF

2010 Rescue Table Adobe PDF

2009 Rescue Table Adobe PDF

2008 Rescue Table Adobe PDF

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