Memoirs of the Hourglass Cruises

The Hourglass Cruises were conducted by the Marine Research Laboratory of the Florida Board of Conservation and represent one of the few major systematic biological sampling programs undertaken on the continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Hourglass Cruises were conducted from August 1965 to November 1967.

The following Memoirs of the Hourglass Cruise reports are currently available from the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

Rationale and pertinent data
Author:  Joyce, Edwin A., Jr.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.1.1
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Benthic marine algae
Author:  Dawes, Clinton J.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.1.2
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Author:  Saunders, Richard P.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.1.3
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Scyllarid lobsters
Author:  Lyons, William G.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.1.4
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Author:  Steidinger, Karen A.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.2.0
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The rock shrimp, Sicyonia brevirostris Stimpson, 1871 (Decapoda, Penaeidae)
Author:  Cobb, Stephen P.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.3.1
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Stomatopod crustacea
Author:  Camp, David K.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.3.2
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Brachiopods (recent)
Author:  Cooper, G. Arthur
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.3.3
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Stony corals. I. Caryophylliina and Dendrophylliina (Anthozoa: Scleractinia)
Author: Cairns, Stephen D.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.3.4
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Magnippe caputmedusae n. gen., n. sp. (Copepoda: Lamippidae), a highly transformed endoparasite in octocorals of the genus Thesea from the Gulf of Mexico
Author: Stock, J.H.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.3.5 
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Crabs of the family Parthenopidae (Crustacea : Brachyura : Oxyrhyncha) with notes on specimens from the Indian River region of Florida
Author:  Gore, Robert H.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.3.6
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Checklist and local-distribution analyses of fishes from the Hourglass Cruises
Author:  Darovec, John E., Jr.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.4.1
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Flatfishes (pleuronectiformes)
Author:  Topp, Robert W.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.4.2
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Drift bottle analyses of eastern Gulf of Mexico surface circulation
Author:  Williams, Jean
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.4.3
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A new species of linaresia (Copepoda : Lamippidae) endoparasitic in the octocoral placogorgia from the Gulf of Mexico
Author:  Stock, Jan H.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.5.1
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Serpulidicolidae, a new family of copepoda associated with tubicolous polychaetes, with descriptions of a new genus and species from the Gulf of Mexico
Author:  Stock, Jan H.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.5.2
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Echinoids (Echinodermata : Echinoidea)
Author:  Serafy, D. Keith
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.5.3
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Penaeoid and sergestoid shrimps (Crustacea : Decapoda)
Author:  Huff, James A.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.5.4
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Amphipod crustacea [1.] : family Aoridae
Author:  Myers, Alan A.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.5.5
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Isopod crustacea (exclusive of Epicaridea)
Author:  Menzies, Robert J.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.6.1
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Crangonid shrimps (Crustacea : Caridea), with a description of a new species of Pontocaris
Author:  Dardeau, M.R.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.6.2
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Sciaenid fishes (Osteichthyes : Perciformes) of western peninsular Florida
Author:  Darovec, John E., Jr.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.6.3
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Searobins (Pisces: Triglidae)
Author:  Ross, Stephen T.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.6.4
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Holothurians (Echinodermata : Holothuroidea)
Author:  Miller, John E. Call Number: MEMOIRS V.7.1
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Synalpheus shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda: Alpheidae). I. The Gambarelloides group, with a description of a new species
Author:  Dardeau, M. R.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.7.2
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A review of the bopyrid isopods infesting caridean shrimps in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, with special reference to those collected during the Hourglass Cruises in the Gulf of Mexico
Author:  Markham, John C.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.7.3
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Amphipod crustacea [II.] : family Bateidae
Author:  Ortiz, Manuel
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.8.1
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Seabasses (Pisces : Serranidae)
Author:  Bullock, Lewis H.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.8.2
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Shallow-water pycnogonida of the Gulf of Mexico
Author:  Child, C. Allan
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.9.1
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Amphipod crustacea [III.] : family Colomastigidae
Author:  LeCroy, Sara E.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.9.2
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Amphipoda crustacea IV. Families aristiidae, cyphocarididae, endevouridae, lysianassidae, scopelocheiridae, uristidae
Author:  Lowry, James K.
Call Number: MEMOIRS V.10.1
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