Biological Scientist

Cary Lopez

Biological Scientist

Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration – Harmful Algal Blooms

M.S. in Marine Sciences, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL
B.S. in Biology and Marine Science, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 

Research Interests
Phytoplankton ecology and harmful algal bloom dynamics

Current Activity
My work focuses on ecological and life history aspects of the toxic dinoflagellate Pyrodinium bahamense. I am specifically interested in investigating the environmental factors that trigger certain life history changes and, in-turn, influence bloom dynamics. For instance, determining what conditions cue the organism to germinate each year from its resting stage (a seed-like cyst) or to form resting cysts near the end of blooms will provide critical information needed to predict timing, size, and duration of bloom events.

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