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View brochures, educational tools, and other documents about harmful algal blooms, including the Florida red tide organism Karenia brevis.

Red Tide Sea Stats

This Sea Stats brochure, produced by and available from the Outreach Coordination Office, describes the red tide organism, its growth and distribution, and how red tides affect marine life and people.

A Primer on Gulf of Mexico HABs

Learn about harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the Gulf of Mexico. This document details their causes and effects, how managers respond to blooms and how you can help reduce the potential for blooms. (PDF File - 5.5 MB)

Red Tides on the West Florida Shelf

This document if the result of a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary investigation of the ecology and nutrient dynamics of Karenia blooms in Southwest Florida. It summarizes complex data for managers. (PDF File - 1.41 MB)

Red Tides of the West Florida Shelf: Science and Management

This educational tool summarizes a multi-agency investigation including the dynamics, economic cost, research and management of Florida red tides. (PDF File - 3.82 MB)

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