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Monitoring Database

Florida's HAB historical database is one of the largest and longest continually recorded electronic HAB databases in the United States. Articles in this section explain how red tide data collection has evolved over the years and how to interpret the data accurately. Also presented is a table showing that red tides have occurred off the west coast of Florida for more than 160 years.


The HAB monitoring database was created to consolidate historical and current Florida red tide sampling information. Data recorded in the database includes sample location, organism counts, water quality measurements, and other related data.

Looking at the Florida Red Tide Historical Database

Florida's historical red tide sampling effort was directed toward event response. Today, the sampling effort has changed and increased substantially.

Timeline of Red Tides off Florida's West Coast

As shown in this table, red tides have occurred off the west coast of Florida for more than 170 years (current through 2013).

An Evaluation of FWRI's Historic Red Tide Database

Two statisticians were recently commissioned to conduct an independent evaluation of the Institute's historic red tide database.

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