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Stone Crabs

Two stone crab species are found in Florida. They are closely related, readily interbreed, and are managed as one species by the fishing industry.

Stone Crab Catch Data

This summary highlights fishery-independent sampling program catch data collected at eight sampling locations.

Stone Crab Fishery-Independent Monitoring Program Annual Reports

Reports provide data on catch, sizes and other fisheries-related aspects of the stone crab monitoring program.

2011 Stone Crab Stock Assessment

This executive summary provides an update on Florida's stone crab fishery.

Florida Stone Crab and Gulf Stone Crab Species Accounts

Species accounts for Florida Stone Crab, Menippe mercenaria, and Gulf Stone Crab, M. adina.

Stone Crab Research at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

What does a crustacean biologist do? Learn about FWRI's current and past stone crab research.

Stone Crab FAQ

Do you have questions about stone crabs? Read the stone crab FAQ for answers.

Observations of the Stone Crab Commercial Fishery

Ride along as two FWRI researchers experience a day on the water with a commercial stone crab fishing crew.

Coloration Characterization of Postsettlement Juvenile Stone Crabs (genus Menippe De Haan, 1883) in the Gulf of Mexico

Access this scientific publication on the color differences between two species of stone crabs.

Stone Crab Speciation

The Florida stone crab and the gulf stone crab were once one species. Changes in climate and sea level probably kept two populations separate over time until they became genetically distinct.

Glossary of Crustacean Terms

Check the crustacean glossary for definitions of terms.


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