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Commercial Fisheries

Learn how commercial fisheries data are collected in Florida; view trends, and access landings data.

Commercial Fisheries FAQ

Do you have questions about commercial fisheries? Read the commercial fisheries FAQ for answers.

Commercial Fisheries Landings in Florida

Download Florida landings data for all commercially harvested finfish and invertebrate species.

Commercial Wholesale and Retail Dealers

Are you a new wholesale or retail dealer? Are you an existing commercial dealer who needs information? Find out how to comply with the law for reporting your catches of saltwater products. Download useful information to aid in your reporting.

Marine Life and Tropical Ornamentals

Learn about commercial harvesting of marine life species.

Trip Interview Program (TIP)

Field biologists in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico locations visit docks and fish houses to conduct interviews with commercial fishers. Information collected consists of catch, effort, and biostatistical data.

Nudibranchs of Florida

Discover the nudibranchs of Florida. These colorful sea slugs lack shells and carry their gills on the outside of their bodies. Find out how they are useful in scientific research.

Commercial Fisheries--American Eel

Learn about commercial harvesting of the American eel.

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Pacu are often confused for piranha and can be differentiated by their flat teeth, which are designed for grinding nuts and berries.

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