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Gulf Reef Fish Survey

By participating in the Gulf Reef Fish Survey, you are improving recreational data for several reef fish species. Learn more about the science behind this survey.

The Gulf Reef Fish Survey at a Glance

A quick guide to the Gulf Reef Fish Survey.

Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Guide

View or print this brochure to help you identify reef fish while fishing in the Gulf of Mexico (PDF 3.4MB).

Science Behind the Survey

Do you have questions about the Gulf Reef Fish Survey? Find answers here.

FWC Enlists Anglers to Assist Reef Fish Studies

Biologists use the data from the fish caught by recreational anglers to monitor the health and sustainability of reef fish populations in the Gulf of Mexico.

FWC Facts:
Horseshoe crabs are important to the biomedical industry because components of their blood thicken in the presence of small amounts of bacterial toxins.

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