The Gulf Reef Fish Survey at a Glance

A quick guide to the Gulf Reef Fish Survey.

Gulf Reef Fish subscribers may be asked to take part in a voluntary survey that provides important information needed to monitor the fishery and provide optimum recreational fishing opportunities in Florida.

Anglers fishing from a private boat from Florida's Gulf coast (excluding Monroe County) who intend to harvest or possess any of the species listed below are required to sign up for the Gulf Reef Fish Survey.

  • Red snapper
  • Vermilion snapper
  • Gag, black or red grouper
  • Gray triggerfish
  • Almaco jack or Amberjack
  • Banded rudderfish

For more in-depth information about the Gulf Reef Fish Survey, including how to sign up, please explore the links below:

How do I sign up?

In-depth information about the Gulf Reef Fish Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Guide Adobe PDF

Gulf Reef Fish Survey mail questionnaire



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