Do you know what to do if you catch a tagged snook? This information covers what you should do if you catch tagged snook on either the east coast or west coast of Florida.


  • Record tag number, total length, date, and location of fish capture.
  • Report the capture information to the Angler Tag Return Hotline
    1 (800) 367-4461 or Please include your name, address, phone number, and T-shirt size.
  • If the fish is released, please do not remove the tag.
  • If you keep your catch, mail the tag to:
    Attn: Snook Tag
    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
    Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
    Attention: Snook Tag
    100 8th Avenue SE
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5020
  • A reward T-shirt will be awarded for the tag information.
  • Please observe all fishing regulations and license requirements.


As water temperatures dip below 55° F, it is possible that snook in inshore areas could start dying. Please do not remove distressed snook from a site. If dead or dying snook are observed in any area, record the location and the number of fish seen, and report it to one of the following

  • Fish and Wildlife Research Institute's Fish Biology Department
    (727) 896-8626.
  • Fish and Wildlife Research Institute's Tequesta Field Lab
    (561) 575-5407.

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