Hurricane Katrina Water Quality Impacts

FWC is working with state and federal partners to monitor water quality and assess potential risks associated with Hurricane Katrina.

Satellite View of Hurricane KatrinaSatellite View of Hurricane Katrina
Credit: NOAA / National Climatic Data Center

NOAA Presentation on Evaluating the Potential Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on Living Marine Resources - MS PowerPoint File (1 MB)     PDF File (1 MB)

Katrina Water Quality Update 9/16/05 - MS Word Document (765 KB)  PDF File (322 KB)

Katrina Water Quality Update and Summary of Panama City Transect Sampling 9/23/05
Word Doc (35 KB)   PDF File (30 KB)

Summary Station Information and YSI Results from Sampling off Panama City (9/16/2005)   Excel File (275 KB)  PDF File (43 KB)

Full Laboratory Results from Sampling off Panama City (9/16/2005)  PDF File (238 KB)

Link to NOAA Page on Environmental Impact of Hurricane Katrina

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