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Reported Fish Kills and Abnormalities

This section offers statewide records of current and historic information about reported external abnormalities in fish and fish kills reported to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

Common Causes of Fish Kills in Florida

These are some of the more common descriptions of fish kill causes in Florida.

Fish Kill Database Directory

The database is temporarily unavailable. If you need assistance located records of fish kills and fish abnormalities reported to FWC, please call: (727) 896-8626.

How Do Hurricanes Kill Fish?

Hurricanes are major forces of natural destruction.

Old Tampa Bay Algal Blooms and Fish Kills, July-August 2008

Fish kills associated with a bloom of the marine microalgae Pyrodinium bahamense occurred in Old Tampa Bay in late July 2008.

Snook Cold Kill Report

This report presents a summary of the analyses conducted by FWC's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute to assess the impact of the 2010 cold kill event on Florida's common snook populations.

St. Johns River Fish Kills

The FWC received hundreds of reports about discolored water, algal blooms, dying fish, and fish kills in the lower St. Johns River, including Lake George.


Reported Fish Kills

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