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Calico Scallops

Although closely related to bay scallops, calico scallops (Argopecten gibbus) live in deeper, offshore waters along the east and west coasts of Florida. Calico scallops are found on sandy or shelly bottoms, and their mottled pink-hued shells commonly wash ashore, providing beachgoers with colorful treasures.

Calico Scallop Species Account

Species accounts provide a summary of biology and fishery information.. The accounts provide life history information, statewide landings, trends in catch rates, and results of recent stock assessments.

Molluscan Fisheries Publications - Calico Scallops

Calico scallop research publications

Calico Scallops – General Information

Learn about the anatomy, reproduction and ecology of the Florida calico scallop.

Calico Scallops - Research

Learn about calico scallop research projects in Florida.

Calico Scallops – Harvest

The calico scallop supports a small but locally important commercial fishery that is centered on the east coast of Florida.

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