Monthly Beach Sampling

Monthly Beach Sampling

Basic sampling scheme used by the Molluscan Fisheries lab at FWRI for sampling beaches in Pinellas County. Monthly samples collected at random intervals along a 300-meter transect line, laid parallel to the water line:

5 vertical profiles and temperature readings from 5 points along the 300-meter transect
15 sediment cores (upper beach, lower beach, and swash at the same distance along the 300-meter transect as the profiles)
5 areas (15 meters wide along the 300-meter transect) on the upper beach are searched for ghost crab burrows
30 fauna/biota samples at 5 cusp and 5 intercusp distances along the 300-meter transect (upper swash, mid-swash, lower swash)

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FWC Facts:
Bay scallops are bivalve molluscs occurring from New England through Texas. In Fla., they can be harvested in Gulf state waters from Hernando Co. to Mexico Beach Canal in Bay Co.

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