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General Information

Many of Florida's economically important marine species, such as red drum, snook, spotted seatrout, queen conch, and bay scallops, have declined in abundance relative to historic levels. Hatchery production is frequently suggested as one remedy for this decline.

Stock Enhancement Research Facility

Florida's first state operated marine fish hatchery spawns and raises hatchery fish for stock enhancement in Florida waters.

Fisheries Stock Enhancement

The purpose of this program is to breed and rear game fish and mollusks for release into marine waters and to evaluate the use of hatchery-reared animals in restoring and managing Florida's coastal fisheries.

Marine Stock Enhancement in Florida

The former Florida Department of Natural Resources began development of a saltwater hatchery and initiated a stock enhancement program in 1985.

Raising Red Drum at SERF

Prized for ease of sight fishing and their tenacious fight, red drum (or redfish) are one of the most sought after game fish in Florida.

FWC Facts:
Along the Florida coast, sea turtles annually make between 40,000 and 84,000 nests. Females nest every 2-3 years, laying several nests on sandy beaches.

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