Three winners were chosen from the contest at MarineQuest 2015.

Baby red fish
There were 1,928 larval redfish in the tank.

At FWRI’s Stock Enhancement Research exhibit, visitors got to “Guess the Reds” for a chance to win a free 2015 MarineQuest t-shirt or kids Rod & Reel combo. Hatchery scientists stocked a 75-gallon aquarium with hundreds of baby redfish in effort to teach folks about the fish rearing process and how Stock Enhancement plays a role in managing Florida’s fisheries.

More than 526 guests attempted to guess the ‘magic’ number, but the winners of this year's "Guess the Red's" were Kierra and Kaiya Ward from Palm Harbor. The girls are 4 and 8 years old and guessed that 1,950 and 2,000 redfish were in the aquarium and both will receive a free kids Rod & Reel combo with a tackle box. The third winner is Henry Basler of St. Petersburg who guessed that there were 1,878 larval reds in the aquarium and recipient of the 2015 MarineQuest t-shirt!


Winners of Guess the Reds





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