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The 1999 Florida Legislature provided funds for studies of native sturgeon and sturgeon aquaculture. Several research groups have been contracted to conduct studies ranging from refining food requirements of sturgeon in hatcheries to determining habitat and food requirements of gulf sturgeon in panhandle river and bay systems.

Living with Sturgeon

Gulf sturgeon can be found in several rivers throughout Florida, including the Suwannee River. Learn about encounters that boaters have had with these large jumping fish, and how you can minimize your risk of impact.

Conservation and Legislation

State of Florida Management Plan for Gulf sturgeon site description of rivers bays and estuaries and Florida's Sturgeon Production Working Group (Florida State Statute 370.31).

General Information on Sturgeon

Common facts on sturgeon


Read about sturgeon research grants and the Hillsborough River Project, a telemetry study of habitat use and success of hatchery-reared gulf sturgeon.

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