FACT members meet twice a year, most recently on December 15-16 2016 in Tequesta, Florida.

The two day event included workshops on understanding and using available resources in telemetry studies with presentations from SECOORA, the Ocean Tracking NetworkExternal Website (OTN), and South Carolina Department of Natural ResourcesExternal Website (SCDNR). Vembu Subramanian presented the SECOORA Data Portal which contains oceanographic data that can be visualized online or downloaded for further use by researchers. Jon Pye from OTN presented the OTN Toolbox which is an excellent tool for telemetry data for filtering false tags, building animation tracks, and also presented the MARMAP package in R used to calculate distances around a land barrier. Mike Arendt from SCDNR concluded the workshop with his presentation of an Access database to store telemetry data including receiver and tag metadata as well as detection data. The second day consisted of research updates by FACT members and group discussion of the future goals, FACT website development, and data sharing within the FACT Network.


FACT 2016-1

Thank you to SECOORA for continuing to support the FACT Network. For more information on the FACT Network, check out our FACT network Facebook PageExternal Website or follow us on TwitterExternal Website.


FACT 2016-2
FACT Network: June 10,2016

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