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Florida is home to many unique species of wildlife. Researchers throughout the state work to collect and provide information that will help the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission protect, conserve, and manage the state's wildlife resources.

About Wildlife Research

The Wildlife Research Laboratory is a major field office of the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. Biologists conduct individual research and monitoring projects and participate in cooperative work with other state, federal and university personnel.


Bald Eagle Nest Locator | Bird Mortality Reporting | Breeding Bird Atlas | Florida Grasshopper Sparrow | Florida Shorebird Database | Ivory-billed Woodpecker | Mottled Ducks | Painted Bunting | Southeastern American Kestrel | Waterbird Colony Locator | Whooping Crane | Wood Storks

Right Whales

Right Whale Information | Right Whale Conservation | Image Gallery

Sea Turtles

Florida's Sea Turtles | Nesting | Mortality in Florida | Research Projects | Threats to Sea Turtles

Amphibians and Reptiles

Atlas of Amphibians and Reptiles in Florida | Area Surveys Publications for Amphibians and Reptiles | Nonnative Species | Harvest of Amphibians and Reptiles | Alligator Snapping Turtle | Barbour’s Map Turtle | Diamondback Terrapins | Flatwoods Salamanders | Florida Frog Photos | Gopher Frog | Gopher Tortoise | Indigo Snake | Pine Barrens Treefrog | Striped Newt | Winter-Breeding Amphibian Surveys | Report Florida Keys Reptiles and Amphibians

Terrestrial Mammals

Florida Black Bear | Florida Panther | Perdido Key Beach Mouse | Public Asked to Share Mink Sightings | White-tailed Deer

Wildlife Health

FWC Wildlife Health Program | Becoming a Conservation Veterinarian | Wildlife Health Externship and Volunteer Opportunities | Wildlife Health Team | Avian | White-Tailed Deer | Feral Swine | Other Wildlife

FWC Facts:
Saxitoxin, the compound that produces paralytic shellfish poisoning, was used in suicide pills for U.S. U-2 spy plane pilots in the Cold War in case of crash and potential capture.

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