Green Turtle Nesting in Florida

Florida's green turtle nesting aggregation is the second largest in the Western Hemisphere.

Green TurtleGreen turtle nesting in Florida occurs from June through late September. Every two or three years, a female will return to the same nesting beach and lay an average of three to five egg clutches in a season. A clutch averages about 128 eggs. With about 12 days between nestings, a female can lay as many as 10 clutches.

The green turtle's name derives not from the color of its shell--olive-brown with dark streaks and spots--but from the greenish color of its body fat. On average, these sea turtles weigh 300 pounds and have a shell length of 3.3 feet.

Although nesting activity has been recorded in almost every coastal county in Florida, most green turtle nesting is concentrated along the southeast coast of Florida.

Green turtle nest density map

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